Finally: How to Fix NB205 Touchpad Problems!

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Finally: How to Fix NB205 Touchpad Problems!

We have all had problems with the touchpad for the Toshiba Mini Netbook NB205. I have found exactly what you need to do to fix it. It does not involve downloading a driver, although you should keep your drivers up to date. All you need to do is the folowing steps:


For Windows 7 Users:


FIX Mouse Pointer Jumping Around Problems

1. Right click your Desktop and Click Personalize

2. Click Change Mouse Pointers

3. Click the Advanced tab

4. Click Advanced Feature Settings

5. On the bottom right in "Mouse Pointer and Tapping Settings" click the Settings button

6. Under the "Touch Sensitivity" set it to HIGH or the highest level available


FIX Pointer Problems When Typing

7. Following Step 6, click "Tapping Settings"

8. Click and Check "Disable Tapping During Key Input"

9. Save and Apply Settings


When your finished your mouse will move around correctly with out lag or jumping around the screen. You will also be able to type with out accidently moving your place when your tap the tracpad by accident. You might experience some minor problems still but I have yet to encounter any.


I hope this helps everyone! Toshiba made a great netbook but, they should fix these problems for us with out forcing us to search all over the web for answers. Happy Computing Everyone!