FN and F1 keys

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FN and F1 keys



I am using an S855D-S5120 with WIN8.  I have looked but can't find an answer to what im trying to do.  I want to get my F1, F2, F3, and so on keys back to normal.  What they are set to default do is change the brightness, volume and other things, but in order to use F1, F2, so on i have to hold the FN key and than press F1, F2, and so on.  If you can pleasebrak this down on how to fix this.  Thank you guys.

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Re: FN and F1 keys


Satellite S855D-S5120



That's Toshiba's new default.


   Function key changes in Satellite 800 series


There is an option in the UEFI (BIOS) to reverse that situation. See the section System Settings on p. 119 of the User's Guide.


   Satellite/Satellite Pro C800/L800/S800 Series User’s Guide


In System Settings, look for a Keyboard tab, with choices like these.


   Special function mode (Hold Fn first to use standard F1-F12 functions.)


   Standard F1-F12 mode (Hold Fn first to use special functions.)

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