Cursor jumps

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Cursor jumps

Is this the usual problem for Toshiba laptops?  It is frustrating typing on this laptop because cursor keeps jumping.  Tried to call Tech Support but they are also clueless how to fix this problem.  Lowering sensitivity of the touchpad also is not a good solution.  I can't navigate well if I lower the sensitivity of the touchpad. 

I haven't tried calling the insurance company and see if I can return this laptop. I bought this Satellite M505D last Nov. 2009 and  I'm not happy with this laptop at all.


(Took me longer to finish typing this message because cursor jumps so many times, and suddenly, font became smaller while i was typing).    Smiley Mad



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I am having solution for it follow that


 Double click on touch pad icon in your system tray. click on "Pointer Options".


Then click on "Advanced" tab in left upper corner. Click on Advanced Feature setting.


Click on "Settings" in Pointer speed and tapping setting box.


Uncheck "Enable Tap" box. Click Apply.


Its done.


I hope it will help you.



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Re: Solution:

Thank you!  I just got my M505 a few weeks ago, but the cursor jumping problem was driving me crazy, and making me think I made the wrong purchase.  Your fix, however, worked.  Thank you so much.