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Change one-touch function keys on Satellite P840

This is for the F1-F12 keys that Toshiba has preassigned functions such as brightness, volume, touchpad, wireless, etc.  Here's how you do it, for those of you who use a specialized software that has already assigned the F1 thru F12 keys, and having to use the FN key with the F key to use those functions is an incredibly annoying extra step for keys that I use VERY often, working on editing software all day. When I called Tech Support, they didn't know how to do this, and referred me to Toshiba Expert Care for PAID support on a brand new computer.  SHAME SHAME.  They should have known how to tell me to do this.  Anyway, after some online research, here is the answer.

Open Start menu, and type HWSetup in the search bar.

Click on HWSetup.

When the box pops up, click on Keyboard tab.

Click on Standard F1-12 mode circle.

Then click Apply, and reboot.

Now you can apply the Toshiba functions by hitting the FN key and then the function key (which makes more sense, doesn't it?) and use your F1-F12 for your normal uses.

There.  I saved you 59.95 (at least) of paid Tech Support for an issue that most assuredly comes up a lot, and Toshiba should be able to provide the answer for.  Sorry if I sound aggravated.  I am.




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Re: Change one-touch function keys on Satellite P840

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Thank you for posting that Nola. Sorry to hear you had such aggravation to find it. We here on the Forum just learned of this change last weekend. The Support Bulletin for your machine that explains that is HERE. It covers the new 800 Series Satellites.




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Re: Change one-touch function keys on Satellite P840

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In windows 8.1, all you have to do is search "Function Keys." It will pull up a blue window that says function keys enable with a slider. just click it to on, and you should be good to go.