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Adjust Keypad

Can the keypads be set to not automatically open pages or send messages just because the curser happens to be in the right place to do that?  It is a real pain to have to close multiple pages which I am trying to find a specific one on lists, such as a list of messages, or send a message before I am finished typing it.  The touchpad is great for getting around, but it sucks beyond that.  Is this the best the engineering genuises could come up with?  Thanks!
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Re: Adjust Keypad

Are you saying that occasionally you will bump or barely touch the touchpad and it will think you wanted to click?  I.e. the feature of the touchpad that allows you to tap it so that it is the same as if you had clicked on the left mouse button?


If so, then you can use Fn+F9 to temporarly disable the touchpad.   Or go into control panel, open the mouse properties.  Then under touchpad look for:


Disable tapping

Disable tapping while typing

Change the touchpad sensitivity



Depending on your software you may have one or more of these options to deal with this.


Or learn not to brush the palm of your hand on the touchpad while typing.


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