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A205-S4777 Keyboard typing incorrect characters

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Hello everyone. I have a A205-S4777 laptop, but for a long time I have been having problems with the laptop keyboard, it will type wrong characters such as /p /w things like that or thinking that the z has a tab included.... I have changed the registry in the initialkeyboarindicators from to 2 to 0, but some how it will return to the value of 2 that means that at startup numlock is active, I believe this is my problem, how can I make it so that it changes permanently to the value of 0 when numlock is off at startup? It is the the Hkey current user files that the value changes, because I have changed it for all of the users and there the keyboard value is 0, but in my user (I am the only user by the way, with no password also) there is that problem. I have tried to enter the BIOS however, I haven't found under the advanced options some place where I can change the numlock settings through there. Help please??? Thank you!!


PS i can connect an external USB keyboard and it will work perfectly the external one, and by a miracle sometimes the laptop keyboard will work fin for a couple of hours or days, and then it will go bad, i have also tried changing the value through safe mode, but no results.....