unhappy with toshiba service!!

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unhappy with toshiba service!!

I will never buy Toshiba products again!

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Re: unhappy with toshiba service!!

I am really angry because on april 16 I carried my computer to a repair center (on warranty) and I am still waiting for spare parts. Also I am really tired to speak with Toshiba managers for latinamerica, they keep saying that they can not do anything and they can not decide to send me a new laptop. It is unacceptable. I am feeling cheated and frustrated because the repair center told me every 15 days that I should wait 15 more days. I will never again buy or recomend Toshiba. Matías, from Argentina.
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Re: unhappy with toshiba service!!

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This is a Toshiba USA forum.  But if you send me details in a private message I can see what I can do.  Please tell me exactly what problem you were having that made you take it to the repair center.  Tell me the dates and what they said to you, including what parts they said they have ordered, also helps if you know who you spoke to.  Also tell me the name of the company you took it to and thier phone number.


And of course I will need your name, phone number, and email address.  Also the model number, serial number and part number from the computer.  And include any other details that might be important.


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