u405 code12 - "not enough resources" egpu on express card slot

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u405 code12 - "not enough resources" egpu on express card slot

  I have a U405D-S2850 running vista32.  No upgrades.  I recently laid down $60 to buy Skyrim because it appeared that my machine slightly exceeded the minimum requirements.  Once I started I crashed a bunch of times.  now runs on 800x600 3d off etc. but still choppy.

  I was gifted an EVGA 9600gt 512mb overclocked pcie video card.  I wanted to try the frankenstein egpu because the onboard radeon 3100 can't hang with the big games.

  So I got an expresscard to pcie adapter kit from Harmonic Inversion Technologies($91).  I also grabbed a cooler master 460w ATX power supply($38) for the card and the adapter.  For the external display I will be connecting a DVI cable to a MAG Innovision 19" widescreen monitor that supports HDCP.

  I hooked everything up and downloaded and installed the video card driver.  When I plugged in the expresscard I got it to recognize the card but It will not run the display because the driver shuts down due to code 12 "not enough resources".  If I boot up with the card installed, the display comes on and I see the little cylon thing going back and forth across the screen.  Then it goes black and the computer beeps like its locked up.  then I have to manually power down.

  I would like some info on how to allocate more memory to pc bus 3.  I used the device manager to shut off the fax modem and lan controller etc. to free resources but I know I need to change something in BIOS?

  I am a newbie and can't even find cpu-z etc.  I have also seen PCI controller mentioned but no clue to location or function.