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I have a new Toshiba netbook and something called tosKillIndicator.exe pops up whenever something wants to "make changes to this computer"...Searching into my compu, is located at C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Wireless LAN Indicator, but browsing in the internet some forum say that is a Virus. I have no accepted.... I am not sure what this is exactly? and don't know what to do..

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Re: toskillindicator

pops up whenever something wants to "make changes to this computer"

Attach a picture of the message and tell us what you're doing when it occurs.


Which Toshiba netbook? Please be specific; give the complete model number.

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Re: toskillindicator

i have the same toskillindicator pop up that begain occuring about 8/10/11 on a Toshiba R840-st8401 windows 7.  we clicked not ok and dont ask again.  have not found any removal or other info about it.

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Re: toskillindicator

Google it or go here--


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