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toshiba satellite M115-S1061 memory upgrade fails to recognize all ram

I have a toshiba satellite M115-S1061 running Windows XP SP2.

The unit came with 512mb ram DDR2 PC4200 (single 512mg module in one slot). I added a Kingston 1gb module of the same type to the empty second slot (top one).

After rebooting, BIOS says there is 512mb base mem and 1.0gb extended ram, but WinXP tells me I have just under 900mb ram. I assume some small amount is taken for sharing with the graphics adapter, but still should have closer to 1.5gb.

I then tried swapping the modules and slots, with the same results. The BIOS still said 512mb base mem and 1gb extended, and WinXP still says just under 900mb ram.

Obviously, Win is seeing both modules but why doesn't it recognize the whole 1.5gb?