system indicator lights nb205-325bl

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system indicator lights nb205-325bl

Does anyone know what the 8 or so system indicator lights mean when there flashing or lit?  For example when I close the lid on my nb205-325 the on/off indicator flashes orange. Is there a manual somewhere that explains the meaning of each system indicator light?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: system indicator lights nb205-325bl

from left to right 1.wireless 2. ac power 3. on/off 4.battery 5. hard disk drive activity 6.bridge media adapter 7.cursor control overlay 8. numeric overlay.

hope that helps

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Re: system indicator lights nb205-325bl


mini notebook NB205-N325BL 


For the System Indicator Lights, see p. 98 in the User's Guide.


   NB200 Series User’s Guide

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