system & Video Bios Shadowed

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system & Video Bios Shadowed

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Everybody  .I have a problem with my laptop Toshiba satellite p300 1bb . When i start up my laptop

won't boot to Windows Vista.

because an error .this error says

and when i turn on my comp .show me the logo of Toshiba loadin inovation...

press F2 setup or F12 for multiboot Menu .and after this The screen goes Black no load windows... and although my lap still running . and in chance i pressed Echap the screen change to a text white with black beackground

quiqly go but i freeze it when i press (pause break)

i copied it and the message error is

Pheonix Bios 4.0 Release 6.1
Cpu=1 processor Detected Cores per processor =2
Intel Core 2duo 2.26 Ghz
4094M System RAM Passed
System Bios Shadwoed
Video Bios Shadowed
Fixed Disk 0 : Toshiba MK2552GSK
Fixed Disk 1: Toshiba MK2552GSK
Mouse Initialized

Press F2 Setup or Press F12 to Continue MultiBoot M

I can't Enter to bios Setup .I can't Enter to Windows

I wonder if the Bios passed away

please help me No one can help me just toshiba Forums .the warrantly passed


please Help Me

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Re: system & Video Bios Shadowed

Anyone Please I very sad for my toshiba p300