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password on boot up screen

this all started when the screen at log in said could not load user (admin user, no password required) I went into powerdown reboot and used the f2 or f8 ( I used both seemed to take me to the same place)  I changed one pf the settings with regaurds to password, saved and got out, it was a simple password, in fact it defaulted with a suggested password ( I can't remember now) saved and exited out of boot up screen. Upon reboot the screen is not the usual log in screen but a different "old school screen" blue box that says " Enter current password" because I had just did it I was able to type in passwword and continued to log on (by the way all this has nothing to do with the original problem with the user wont load problem) using the second user login. The second user works fine, now after 3 or 4 days I cant remember the simple password I type in. Do all systens have a default password?? anybody know what that password is??

ps I cant go back into the boot screen as now the system won't let the computer finish loading till iI put iin a password