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no bootable device--please restart system

Help!!! Just last night my computer restarted itself and supposedly was updating my laptop. I turned it off n now its reading No bootable device,--Please reboot system what can i do
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Re: no bootable device--please restart system

Try the solutions in this article.


What can I do if my Windows 7 or Windows Vista laptop won't start?

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Re: no bootable device--please restart system

My did the same thing, did u get any solution to this problem??

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Re: no bootable device--please restart system

I'd suggest posting your entire model number.  it is printed on the bottom of your computer.  do not provide the s/n.


Also, this message indicates that the computer cannot find a working OS on any of the drives attached.  What were the circumstances that led up to this point?  Were you updating drivers via service station?  The more information you can provide the better.

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Re: no bootable device--please restart system

Can you boot into your BIOS? To see if any of your hardware has changed. Such as your Hard Drive is your either first or second boot.

Sounds as if an update caused a conflict.

One other question, during your updating, did you at anytime loose power or accidentally shut off power to your laptop?

This would cause this problem also.

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