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I don't know what I did wrong to log myself out.  I altered administrator settings because I could not uncheck Nonrestrict Access and change to restrict access on my powerpoint.  I believe it caused to log myself out.  I remembered that I altered the secondary log-in from enable to disable.  I normally log-in by first using my fingerprint or first password, then by using my regular second password.  I am positive that I did not forget my password.  Other thing that had happened before I logged myself out was the pointer did not work when I clicked to open any links, so I turned the computer off, and then I turned it back on.  This time the pointer did not move, so I turned the computer off again.  A week ago, when I logged in, it said I forgot my password which I did not.  

Please help!

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Re: log in

If you are certain that you did not forget your password, try this.

Tap F8 when you turn it on then choose REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER.

Go next on the keyboard layout.

It will then ask you to login.

Choose your username and type in your password.

If you can login, click on system restore. It may take some time to pull up so just wait for it then choose a time before it all happened.

Hope it works!

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Re: log in

Thank you so much.


I used F8 but it did not show any information as you directed about keyboard to continue.  

I did not mention to you that next to the right of the password log-in box before an arrow enter, it has EN showing.  I don't know if it was there before or anything to do with this problem.