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laptop black screen

I have a Toshiba A-215 -S7425 laptop which was fine last night,but today it has a black screen.
I've restarted it a few times to no avail. It sounds like its running, the wireless mouse adapter does not light up.
Had it running on AC and on battery. Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: laptop black screen

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Re: laptop black screen

Try disconnecting everything, and remove the battery for at least 20 seconds. Press the power button with nothing connected, or battery. Connect the power cord and press the power button. It is normal for the first time will not start if you do it immediately when you connect the power cord. Click again and you must boot your system.
If the system can not start due to error in the BIOS or motherboard is faulty which would be the worst.

In ebay motherboard:


Please check part number for your motherboard, this motherboard may be don't working in your system!!!!

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