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how can i wipe everything off of my computer?

i use to have a dell laptop and found out that by tapping f11 and ctrl  at the same time, that you could get it back to like when it was new. is there anyway i can do the same thing with my satelllite toshiba laptop?

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Re: how can i wipe everything off of my computer?

Depends on what model you have.  Normally you hold down the 0 (zero) key when you power on the system which invokes the recovery process.  One of the options is to resote the system back to it's factory out of box state.  If it came with recovery disks you might need to boot to them to accomplish this.  If that doesn't work consult your Users Guide which is on your hard drive in Adobe Acrobat Format.  It should have detailed instructions on how to do it.  If that fails, post back with your complete model number.


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