blue screen, how to fix?

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blue screen, how to fix?

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several connditions i faced:


1) whenever i turn on  my toshiba, it keeps restart several times before get into the windows. 

2) sometimes it come out blue screen before windows and restart immediately. refer the 1st picture

3) sometimes it come out blue screen and hang, need to force turn off and turn on. refer 2nd picture

4) if i put my toshiba to sleep mode for too long, once i turn on immediately it restarts. 



p/s: startup repair no use, cant get the solution.   actually sometimes lcd is not functioning, if i connect to a external monitor, able to see everything, and this will last for days or even weeks, after that the lcd will be fined, i dont know when is it going to turn into black screen again. 


im using toshiba L510. t6600 proc, ati4570 

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Re: blue screen, how to fix?

Can you check the laptop's full model and part numbers from the label on the bottom? Don't include the serial number.

- Peter