Won't boot from USB or cd

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Won't boot from USB or cd

Just bought Satellite C855d-S5100. Not really happy with windows 8 so trying to install windows 7 but having some problems.

When trying to boot in BIOS with either USB or CD first (both inserted with bootable), the boot goes directly into HDD and starts windows 8.

Tried F12 and select either USB or CD, doesn't work either.

Both CD and USB works fine in windows 8.


Tried CSM boot in boot order of 






and I get the error message of PXE-e61 wire disconnected.


Any help will be apprecated.

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Re: Won't boot from USB or cd

Before you even start, consider that there may be no Windows 7 driver support for some of the hardware in your laptop. You won't know which hardware devices and functions are unsupported until you find out the hard way. In some cases, a driver conflict could cripple your computer.


Like most OEMS, Toshiba pre-installs Windows 8 to boot with EFI on a GPT hard drive. Your Windows 7 install disc, on the other hand, most likely boots with a BIOS from an MBR. Therefore, your Windows 7 disc will not boot your computer.


You would need to start by performing a low-level format of your hard drive. This completely erases the disc and its metadata. Then you could boot from your Windows installation disc and try to install Windows 7. How successful you will be depends on driver support.


All things considered, you should stay with Windows 8. Next time, more research before you buy.