Valid IP Configuration

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Valid IP Configuration


My Toshiba will not connect to my network, showing the issue to be Wireless Network Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration. It is not a modem issue, as my other laptop can connect. Not being an expert I've tried the basics. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Valid IP Configuration

If your network is pretty standard, the router you are using should be handing out IP addresses, subnet masks and default gateway information to every computer that attempts to connect to the network provided you have the correct password typed in to connect to the network. Get to the Command Prompt and type IPCONFIG. This should show you your computer's current IP settings.


There have been a lot of books written on networking. Getting your computer setup to the network is beyond the scope of this Forum. See if you can find a friend or associate to help you with this problem. It would just take way too long to write you a list of instructions to do or things to try.