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Uninstalling Toshiba programs

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I am new here, and new to computer world and language. I have a Toshiba satellite L-305-S5919. Windows Vista basic..I would like to know what programs i can uninstall in both the Toshiba and windows without causing problems to the computer. I got a update for the Toshiba Service Station. After reading into it, i found i dont even need the Toshiba Service Station, and it was ok to uninstall it. Is there a list somewhere that will tell me what all the programs are for, and which ones should never be removed, and which ones are ok to remove? Where might i find this information??? Thankyou for your time. darrell

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Re: Uninstalling Toshiba programs

Am I doing something wrong?  I find questions like this when I do a search but do not see any replies.

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Re: Uninstalling Toshiba programs

You can uninstall almost every program.  I would guess any program with the word "Toshiba" in it can be deleted, sicnce they are not needed to run windows.


Make sure to back up your computer (you have Vista, so make backup DVDs by using Toshiba Disc Creator)


Good luck!

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