Toshiba "Software Upgrades"

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Toshiba "Software Upgrades"


I would like to update the software of my Toshiba A305-S6864.

I access on my desktop the "Software Upgrades"  icon, I click on the "Refresh List" icon but I get a message "An error has occurred trying to retrieve information from the Toshiba Software Upgrades  Internet Server. An internet Connection could not be established.". I get this message although I am connected to the internet.

Could some one please help?

Thank you.

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Re: Toshiba "Software Upgrades"

Which softwares do you want to upgrade?


In any case, you might want to visit the model page of your NB from Toshba's support site (  Click on Product Support on the bar on top of the support site and then select the model that you have.  There should be a Downloads tab where you can get all the available downloads for your model. 

Okay, now I've closed all the windows. What do I do next? By the way, it's a bit warmer with all the windows closed...
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Re: Toshiba "Software Upgrades"

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Well, I suppose on the good side of things, I don't know that I've ever seen anything from that Software Upgrades program, and that's across at least a dozen machines over around ten years.


I'd guess that the issue may be a firewall in the way someplace.

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