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Toshiba Satellite stuck at Toshiba splash screen.

My computer has been fine for roughly 5 years. Today, when I plugged in a USB stick, it started hitting me with endless "N:\ cannot be found" type messages. I went down to my taskbar, disengaged the usb stick, unplugged, it and restarted my laptop. It is now stuck at the Toshiba splash screen.


I have tried:

- Taking out battery, holding power button, returning battery, and powering up.

- Entering BIOS (won't work - just beeps and freezes)

- Entering boot menu (won't work)

- Booting from Windows CD (just stays at Toshiba screen)

- Booting from a Live Linux CD (same, just won't...)


I am officially out of ideas and on the verge of just putting the HDD into a case and drawing files from it using a different comp. Any last suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Toshiba Satellite stuck at Toshiba splash screen.

Sounds Like the HDD may be bad, Try pulling the HDD and see if it boots past the splash screen, if so The HDD is likely on the way out or gone already


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Re: Toshiba Satellite stuck at Toshiba splash screen.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the HDD is not the cause. In fact, it's now being used on another machine and is working perfectly. The computer does this even with other drives in it, and without a HDD at all (when it should at least go past the splash screen and say no drive or OS is found).


I still cannot get into BIOS or the boot menu, and it won't boot from a CD or USB drive. I wanted to try resetting the BIOS by reseating the CMOS battery, but it's soldered down and I don't want to risk trying to drain it with wires (a common resort that risks hurting the mobo).


I think I amy try taking it to some awful repair shop before giving up. Any other thoughts?