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Toshiba Satellite C50 Startup Repair not working

Right, first off I am not very technologically savvy so apologies if I sound like I've no idea what I'm talking about because, really I don't.


My Toshiba Satellite C50 froze last night and I had no other option but to hold the power button down to turn it off. When it switched back on again it froze at the start screen as Windows was opening.  Alas, I had no other option but to press the power button down again, this time taking me to the Startup repair screen.  Now I've ran this about 10 times and it keeps running forever, not solving any repair issues at all.  Every time I try to start Windows normally it freezes at the same Windows is loading screen.


Also I cannot find the recovery disk that came with the laptop and have tried F8 but every option seems to take me to the Startup repair screen again which isn't solving anything.


Please help!

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Re: Toshiba Satellite C50 Startup Repair not working

There won't be a physical disc, no manufacturer's provide those nowadays. You can access the hard drive's recovery partition, which provides similar functionality, by holding the zero key while booting up, form there you can restore to the out of the box state. That will wipe all data on the drive, but if the hardware is still functional that should resolve the issue.