Toshiba Satellite A665 Sp6001L

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Toshiba Satellite A665 Sp6001L


Well I have problem with my Laptop, recently the led on my Keyboard (like eco utility, pause/play media, etc... and the mouse pad led) don't function well... the only way to set on them, is going to the BIOS and setup the LEDS ON...


I wait for your help

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Re: Toshiba Satellite A665 Sp6001L


Satellite A665-SP6001L



Sometimes resetting the motherboard helps.


With the battery and AC adapter removed, close the Power switch for ten seconds.

Re-attach those, press the Power button to turn the computer on, and then immediately press the F2 key while the Toshiba logo is displayed. Press F9 to restore the BIOS default settings, press F10, and then select Yes (Exit Saving Changes). The computer will restart.

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