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Toshiba Satalite L505-S6946 Web Camera won't work

My web camera hasn't worked for awhile and since I never used it I never tried to fix it so not sure when it went out or if there was a trigger.  My sister moved to Vietnam to teach English and I'd like to Skype with her and can't get web cam to work.  I've tried reinstalling the driver however, the camera doesn't even show up in device manager.  (It may be unrealated but we had to have our screen replaced a few months ago, not sure if camera was working before that, but I don't think so).  I removed old driver and downloaded again and tried to install.  It says, click start and I do then nothing happens.  (Running Vista)


I've even tried the whole, close the lid and see if it shows up in DM.  Any ideas??  Thank you!! --Liz

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Re: Toshiba Satellite L505-S6946 Web Camera won't work

I'd like to report that after first obtaining ALL of the most recent TOSHIBA 64bit Win7 software from the Toshiba site for my Satellite L505 ES5015 I DID succeed in restoring my webcam


My L505 came with the 32bit Win7 even tho it is capable of running in 64 bit modeI did a fresh install with a commercially purchased 64bit Win7 license after which some of the devices (notably the built in web cam) would not functionAs many other users have reported the USB camera failed to show upBut after I followd the instructions from Jerry posted earlier here:


-> Install the Intel chipset software followed by the Intel display driver prior to any other drivers.

    --> Install the hotkey utility before any other Toshiba utility.  
    --> Be careful to choose those compatible with your part-number family
It workedSo.. Don't be frightened to upgrade your systemJust first obtain all the most recent software, put all the software in in a convenient directory on your Hard Drive or on a USB thumb drive (assuming your other USB devices work).  I made subdirectories for each software item with titles describing the items and placed the sofware items in their separate subdirectories so I could later be sure I was able to tell which item to install in what orderThen I used the Intel chipset software and the Intel display driver software installersThis was followed by the web camera USB driver and finally by the web camera applicationIt now works fine.