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Toshiba Reeltime


My name is Justin and I recently got a Toshiba Satellite T135D-S1320 for a graduation gift from my parents and I love it.The programs and size of the computer is cool.But the only thing is The Reeltime program saves everything but my Internet explorer history.I can not figure out how to fix it I tried the preferences and it don't fix it.Anyone have any suggestions?



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Re: Toshiba Reeltime

Hi, Justin. I am having problems with ReelTime too. I like it very much and think it is a very useful app. However, have you insured that your Internet Explorer options do not have the checkbox " Delete browsing history on exit" checked-off on the General Tab of the Internet Options applet. This may be the source of the problem if it conflicts with ReelTimes ability to access the browser's history list.


Good luck!