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Toshiba M305-S4910 DVD Sata Cable issue

I am having a major issue with the dvd drive for Toshiba M305-s4910 laptop.
 So, I have a brand new dvd-drive, brand new sata cable which connects it to the motherboard. 
As you can see on the picture, there is a port for the dvd drive, the cable which extends the sata port a little (shown on the bottom), and the drive itself.
    The issue with it is that when I connect the drive directly to the motherboard - IT WORKS!
As soon as I plug in the middle SATA cable between the motherboard and the drive it STOPS working! I have tried 3 different cables and so it cant be something wrong with the cable. 
   I updated the BIOS and the Firmware on the dvd drive to no avail.
 Do you have any suggestions?