Tecra M9 Bios reset problem

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Tecra M9 Bios reset problem

I work for K-State and we recently had a laptop stolen and recovered by Campus police.  Whomever has stolen the laptop put a Bios password on the machine.  I pulled the only two batteries I could find on the motherboard over the weekend and when I booted up today it still wants a bios password.  If you don't believe we are the owner of the laptop I have attached a copy of our Purchase Order.Thanks

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Re: Tecra M9 Bios reset problem

You will need to take the unit, along with your proof of purchase, to the nearest Toshiba ASP and have them remove it. There is a special way the password needs to be removed and only Toshiba or one of their ASP's can do it. You should also take the police report with you.