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Tecra 8000 Bios update

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Hi. I am in the process of upgrading an old Tecra 8000 for my 4 yr old grandson as a first laptop. I have put the max 256 ram in and am now installing winxp pro. What I want to know is can I update the bios with the Toshiba update for it that was for win98? Its the Tecra 8000 PII 300 PAT 800

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Re: Tecra 8000 Bios update


Tecra 8000



The BIOS has been upgraded for Windows 2000 (Windows NT 5.0). So it should be okay for XP (NT 5.1).


   ACPI Flash BIOS version 9.30 for Tecra 8000


But I have no idea which of the Windows 2000 drivers will work for XP.


I would install Windows 2000 myself. It does not require activation.

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Re: Tecra 8000 Bios update

Many thanks for the info and the link. I used 2000 graphics driver and it worked fine.