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Screen not coming on

Hi. I have a Toshiba Satellite A305 S6872. I am having problems turning my computer on sometimes.  At times when I hit the power button it will illuminate but the screen won't turn on. I also notice that my DVD/CD buttons aren't illuminated and neither is the "processor" light on the bottom. When I can get the computer on (hit or miss) the DVD/CD lights are on. Is this linked to the problem? Any patches for this problem?

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Re: Screen not coming on

try taking out the battery and the charger, then press the power button for atleast 15sec...recconnect everything and turn it on...this should work...if not, try using an desktop monitor, if it works, there is something wrong with the connection between your computer and the LCD screen of the machine.

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Re: Screen not coming on

Here's what I would do...  check AC adapter for correct voltage, check power cable from  jack to board at the board side, if both are good take motherboard out of case and see if it works that way. If it does remove a couple of the foam cushins on bottom of case near the front [ closest to the case opening] and set mobo back in and try. of coarse this is after the usual ... memory swap and battery drain / power drain as first post says check with external monitor

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Re: Screen not coming on

Exactly what mine was doing, I called support finally, hooked up an external monitor and worked perfectly! In the process, I noticed when the top of the machine was not fully open, the screen was working fine....I could see exactly what was showing on the external monitor. My machine is only 8 months old, so under Toshiba tech said if it worked on the external monitor I could take it to Best Buy and they could fix it. When I called back the next night to tell them, yes that worked and that the display worked when not fully open, that tech said I'd have to send it to their "repair depot". I've heard horror stories about those!! Tomorrow I call customer service and will be demanding something better than 7-10 days in some depot with rookies repairing it!!! Please post if this works. I did the shut down, take the battery out, hold the button for 15 seconds, and on and on.

Good luck!