Screen Flickering

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Screen Flickering

Hi everyone, I have a really important question that needs immediate attention
Ps, im not very good at this

I have a Toshiba Satellite M305-S49052 laptop and my monitor keeps flickering like crazy. Not a little flicker, but a whole lot of flickering all over the screen. Sometimes the problem goes away when my laptop has been charging for a lot of hours and sometimes, as strange as it may sound, the flickering decreases little by little whenever I visit this one website I go to that is very mostly black.
But when the flicker does temporarily go away, there is still a noticeably big colorful horizontal line under/across my taskbar.
Then when I turn on my laptop the next day, the flicker comes back and then I have to charge it fully and wait until the flicker dies down temporarily.
I don't want the flicker to be less noticeable; I want it GONE FOR GOOD.

I was told to change the refresh rate but it wont let me change it.
Then I was told to update/roll back the display drivers, but I cant do neither.
Then I was told to just download a display driver that's compatible with my laptop model.
My display driver is a "Mobile Intel r 4 Series Express Chipset Family" and my OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit.

After a few hours learning about the matter, I went to the Toshiba website to look for Drivers, entered my laptop specifications, went to the "Display" tab, and it brought me to a list of drivers compatible for my laptop model. I think I found a display driver that can fix my flickering problem:
"ATI Display Driver for Windows Vista (32/64bit)(v8.477)"

I would like to know if it is safe for my laptop model to be updated from my current display driver mentioned above, in favor for the ATI Display Driver for Windows Vista (32/64bit)(v8.477). If so, will it fix my monitor flickering problem? If I am completely wrong with all of this, what may be the problem? Is it my charger? My battery? Or is it something inside my monitor or computer?
Thank you.

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Re: Screen Flickering

Flickering is typically a hardware problem. Usually it is caused by a bad florescent tube or the circuit board that supplies power to the florescent tube. Getting a better video driver may give you higher performance or some more features, but has nothing to do with flickering. I would expect the flickering would go away if you hooked up an external monitor to the computer. If the computer is still in warranty, call the Call Center, 800-457-7777, and arrange to get it fixed as soon as possible.