Satellite p775-s7329

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Satellite p775-s7329

My satellite p775-s7320 wont boot. It gets to the starting windows screen and just sits there. I tried to do the recovery but it didnt work either. I have the recovery disks but is there any way i can save any data before using them. Can I enter through safe mode and move any files?

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Re: Satellite p775-s7329

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Perahps you made a typo in the subject line, and you meant Satellite P775-S7320, like in your post?


See if you can start your computer in 'Safe Mode', to get the Advanced Boot Options menu, and select 'Repair Your Computer'


Advanced boot options



This should take you to the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRe) menu. Do a 'Startup Repair', sometimes you need to run it more than once, then do a 'System Restore', to a restore point when your system was working.


What are the system recovery options in Windows 7?



Please let us know what happens. Good luck.