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Satellite Z830-10U Boot from USB DVD Drive

Hi,  I am trying to install a new copy of Windows 7 64bit Professional but cannot get my Z830 to boot from an USB attached DVD drive but am having no success.  I have moved USB ODD to the top of the boot priority in the advanced section of the BIOS.  I can get it to boot from a USB flash drive no problem but not from a DVD drive.  The DVD drive is a LG GE20LU10 and I have successfully used it to boot other laptops and desktop PC's.


If anyone can offer me any advice or suggestions I would be most grateful.


Many thanks



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Re: Satellite Z830-10U Boot from USB DVD Drive

Wow. That is an ODD one.  Have you tried all of the available USB ports?

I guess if all else fails you could create a bootable USB Thumb drive large enough to contain the entire DVD contents and convert it over to a Win7 Installaion CD on the USB Thumb drive.

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Re: Satellite Z830-10U Boot from USB DVD Drive


Satellite Z830-10U (PT22LE-00F004EN)


Neil, do you have the optical drive plugged in and powered with a disc loaded when you set the BIOS priority?