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Satellite P505d-S8005

I am the frustrated, illiterate owner of the above laptop and recently started experiencing problems with the screen that remained black when I switched it on. I would have to repeatedly turn it off and on before it decided to respond. I tried for about 90 minutes using the prescribed sites on the Quick Tour sheet but to no avail. If anyone out there in the Computer "black hole" has experienced such a problem and can recommend a fix please illuminate me with your brilliance as I am at my wits end and don't even know if I need to replace my laptop. Unfortunately the manufacturer is of no assistance and that isn't surprising in this day and age. HELP!!

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Re: Satellite P505d-S8005

From your description, it sounds like your computer has a loose or bad connection that only intermittently connects. But your post leaves out a lot. Do the LEDs in the front light up? Does the hard drive spin up? Can you hear the fan? Ultimately this sounds like a hardware problem. My recommendation would be to take this to a Toshiba computer tech and get it diagnosed. It could be just a loose cable or wire causing this problem.