Satellite C655D-S5202 Laptop Boot Issue

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Satellite C655D-S5202 Laptop Boot Issue

I am trying to troubleshoot a Satellite C655D-S5202 Laptop boot issue for a friend.


The laptop is about 7 months old, running Windows 7 Home Premium.

The first symptom started with the keyboard. A couple of the keys stopped working.

After several weeks, the computer wouldn't boot. Upon pushing the power button, a continuous beep would sound.

This sound would continue until the power button was pressed again, cutting power.


To complicate things, the laptop was purchased in the U.S., but my friend lives in Mexico, so she cannot send it in for warranty repair. I have not physically touched the Laptop myself,

I have had to troubleshoot over the phone.


I suspect the keyboard is bad, and possibly preventing the machine from booting. I had her plug in a USB keyboard, but it still would not boot. She has however, gotten it to boot at least once,

by pushing as many keys over and over until the noise stopped and it booted. She has not been able to repeat this.


So is this a known issue? Is it worth it to either ship her a new keyboard or have her try to buy one from Toshiba Mexico, then find someone who can replace it?

Could theproblem be something else?

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.