Satellite C655-S5307

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Satellite C655-S5307

Can someone start a conversation with me regarding the support of a Toshiba satellite c655-s5307?  I received this nice looking laptop as a xmas gift.  It was a present and I am over seas and have become stuck with it.  I immediately saw that it had problems when I tried to power it up the first time.  It just didn't work.  No lights no nothing.  I tried it and tried it, yet to no avail.  But, after letting it sit and supposedly let the battery die out while it was in the box for a week or so, it suddenly turned on.  I have a workaround that appears to make the laptop stop having its 'power on issues'.  I use the laptop only on the weekends.  I turn off all the battery saving and whatever features.  And just let the battery kill itself on Sunday night.  Then I let it sit for 5 days(b/c of work and just to be sure the batt is really dead) then on Friday nights I can plug it in and see the orange light and it boots up.  If someone could just help me find a more viable solution, besides this cockamamie thing I do to make it work, it could be a big help to others that have been stuck with this laptop and with this problem.  I have read many posts about this same problem and are stuck with this laptop but no 'at home' or DIY solution besides take the thing back to best buy seems to be posted.  Anyway, It seems that the Laptop will power on when the battery is fully drained and suddenly plugged in, but not when it is fully charged.  Can anyone tell me if there is a more permanent solution to this problem aside from sending the laptop back to the states?  Can someone try my solution on their satellite c655-5307 and tell me if they get the same thing?  I don't think its a hardware prob, as the thing will power on and function nicely so long as I let the battery completely die.  Is there a bios update that could possibly solve this?


I don't hate you Toshiba.  I bought a few PC's from you over the years, and they worked great in their time.  But I have to admit, this c655-5307 was a big letdown.  Help me solve this without just giving up and taking it back to the store, cause that is a bigger pain in the ass than just using it on the weekends.  




Michael Ray

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Re: Satellite C655-S5307

If it was a problem with the battery being charged, what happens when you remove the battery and try to start the computer?


Let's try this. Turn off your laptop, unplug all wires, remove the battery, and hold the power button for thirty seconds. Afterwards, reattach the battery and connections. Is there any change after doing that?

- Peter
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Re: Satellite C655-S5307

Incredible,  I also bought the same model at christmas brought it overseas only to find I cannot use it -the first one i bought was dead in the box, so they gave me another which booted up at the store - it also worked the first time i tried it here (overseas) so i know it's not the adapter or plug or anything like that--it won't start up at all now that i followed peter's suggestion  - I just wondered if you tried  too and it worked for you? or do you still let the battery run down completely and then use it only at the weekends?- or maybe you've found a different solution?

I'd appreciate any input - i don't see  sending the thing back to the states as a solution..


bonnie lucas


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Re: Satellite C655-S5307

I have a low volume sound problem with my Satellite C655-S5307. If I connect external speakers I can hear it but with ear phones or the built in speaker the sound is almost not there. I took it to the 'geeks' at bestbuy and they said that is was a problem shared by this model. Anyone having this problem. Everything else works ok thanks higenelanz.