Satellite A665 Overheats, shuts down

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Satellite A665 Overheats, shuts down

My A665 is only a year and a half or so old, fan is clean, but it gets very, very hot. Temperatures exceed 145 F, and many times itll shut off if Im watching Netflix for example.


Since it's out of warranty, and I refuse to pay Toshiba to "fix" a problem that shouldnt happen for a laptop in good condition, what are some things I can do to check and correct?


Should I apply new thermal paste under the CPU for starters?   Anything else I can try?

Ive gotten a laptop cooler tray but doesnt help much. This thing gets so hot its unreal.


At this point, from speaker issues on another Satellite I had to this, I really dont forsee ever buying another Toshiba again. The amount of money ive spent on their laptops (overpriced) only to have big issues, I think

im done with them. But I dont have the money to spend on a new one at this point so I need to do what I can

to make it last.

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Re: Satellite A665 Overheats, shuts down

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145 F is actually pretty cool [about 63 Celsius; most people, even in the US, use Celsius when working with computers; for an i-core series, anything below 90 Celsius is acceptable; at 100 it will restart].  Perhaps it is reaching an even higher temperature before the shutdown?  

[other monitoring softwares are:  HWinfo or HWmonitor, both are FREE].


Also, when it shutsdown, is there any kind of "Blue Flash" before the shutdown?  Perhaps it's a Bluescreen [BSOD]?  Would indicate a driver/software issue.


Using compressed air to clean the fans/vents from the exterior is good, but if it had prolonged periods of no cleaning, dust can accumulate within the fans and require you to manually open the laptop to clean them out.  Even if the fans look ok from an exterior inspection, they can still be clogged from within.


If you do open the laptop, reapply thermal grease [use high quality grease], and check the heatsink and heatpipe [the entire copper looking thing] for any cracks [would be a faulty heatpipe].


Here's a user made guide on how to take apart your laptops:



Good luck

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Re: Satellite A665 Overheats, shuts down

I too had similar problems.  It was not due to overheating though.  I did vacuum out and then blow out the dust -- not very much came out.  I then monitored the temperature using the Toshiba Health Monitor. It was fine but I kept having random shut downs as well as random disconnects from my wireless router!  It was not the router- my roomate's computer had not problems with the router.  


I read at another forum to try updating the TVAP (Toshiba VAlue Added Package.)  .  I did and   PROBLEM SOLVED!


I have Toshiba A665-S6055 model laptop running Win 7 - 64 bit.