Satellite A505-s6980 slowing down after Bios updating

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Satellite A505-s6980 slowing down after Bios updating


I have an almost new toshiba Satellite A505-s6980 (I bougth in December 2009). It came with Windows 7 preinstalled. Last week I was prompted by a message from Toshiba(not by windows) that an update was available.  This update was going to make some change to the BIOS. I had Bios 1.6 and I followed the onscreen directions and It  installed Bios 1.7.


When the computer booted up no wireless.  I could solve the problem, but the computer started to slow down. Each time I boot it, laptop spends about 20 minutes in the first windows screen (after I give initial password). Now, after it logged on, there is nothing I can do. Nothing works (any command or program), if I click on something it hold on clock and I have to force the shut down to kill the laptop.

The upgrade clearly caused the problem. 

 I have been reading this forum, and I found that Bios update should not have been done within Windows. However, I didn't know it. The Toshiba msg didn't advise me about it.


What Can I do?


Thank you much for any help.


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Re: Satellite A505-s6980 slowing down after Bios updating

just because a bios update became available doesnt mean you need to update to it. if you arent having the problems that the bios fixes dont update to it. try doing a system restore and see if bad bios flash would have made it unusable from the start(most cases) so try the restore and see what happens if still nothing take it to a repair center and have it looked at.

Post all info about your laptop and version of windows. We are working on it but still do not have the powers to read your mind.
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Re: Satellite A505-s6980 slowing down after Bios updating


Satellite A505-S6980


Here's how to do a System Restore in Windows 7.


   What is System Restore?

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