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Satellite A135-S2386 wont boot, no display at all, shows very little signs of life.

I received a customers computer today.  It worked, but they had a problem with the BIOS password, so they asked us to reset it.  The battery was pulled and it was left unplugged for a few hours to be worked on later.  Now when the laptop is powered on, it wont boot at all...  Here is what happens:


Press the power button, and the LED above it turns yellow (I used to own this same model, and I could have sworn my light was blue and not yellow. Can anyone confirm?)


The fan spins up for a few seconds and then stops.


The power indicator on the front of the laptop is green.


When turned on the HD light flashed once quickly, and then never lights up again.


The CD-ROM light is constantly orange, and the tray will not open.  There is no media inside. 


There is absolutely no display (not even a flicker) and external monitors don't work either.


No beep codes, even without the RAM and HD.




I have tried:


Removing RAM and harddrive


Resetting CMOS (this was the goal to begin with)


Leaving it unplugged and with no battery while holding the power for one minute, then plugging in.


Booting from USB.



 At first I thought it was a problem with the GPU, but I don't even think it is getting a chance to display anything.  Is the MOBO fried?  I find it strange that all of the sudden it breaks when I get my hands on it (makes me look bad too) but I know these things are notorious for things like this.  I also find it strange that the CD-ROM is constantly lit and wont open.  I am thinking of trying to boot without it connected to see what happens.  Any other suggestions? 

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Re: Satellite A135-S2386 wont boot, no display at all, shows very little signs of life.

Have you solved your problem? How?

I have the same problem.