S855 S5254 External Display

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S855 S5254 External Display

I have a new Toshiba Satelight S855 S5254 and a new ViewSonic VA 2448M-LED Monitor. 


When I close the lid on the computer, and use just the ViewSonic, the S855 crashes during startup. At this time, I'm guessing because of the monitor looking for a high resolustion driver to get up to 1920 x 1080. Looking at the laptop, it does not support this resolution.


Does anyone else have this issues?

Does anyone know if there is a new driver to support this issue?


If I leave the laptop open, then restart or reboot, everything works fine on booting. Once the computer is up and running, I can close the lid and work off the external ViewSonic Monitor.




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Re: S855 S5254 External Display

You may want to try reinstalling the latest display driver.


Intel Display Driver(v8.15.10.2639; 02-06-2012; 155.82M)


If you need further help, you can contact customer support at (800) 457-7777.

- Peter
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Re: S855 S5254 External Display

Thank you, but already loaded up the driver and tried again. Made sure the display settings were set to one display only, utilizing the external display.


As for customer service, I knew more than the >>>> on the other end of the phone I could barely understand. I'm still waiting on their call back from 4 days ago. Toshiba may make a good laptop, but so far their Customer Service SUCKS! Everyone has to rely on these forums to get anything done. Crazy.