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Resource Conflict



PCI Serial Bus Controller in slot 02, Bus:02, Device:0A, Function:00


Toshiba Satellite M45-5169


System won't boot.  Can't get past error to use external floppy with emergency boot disk.  Not sure if it's a BIOS or motherboard problem.  Goes directly to F1 - F2 generic message.  Anyone have any ideas on this?



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Re: Resource Conflict

UPDATE:  The problem is focused in the North Bridge.  Message also says the board is an EVALUATION BOARD (Goldfish).  Either the ATI chipset is failing or someone incorrectly flashed the bios.  This particular chipset was created just before the merger of ATI and AMD so I'm not certain if a file is available to flash the bios.  The North Bridge on this machine also controls the PCI serial controller so...

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Re: Resource Conflict

If you can't solve your issue and no one in the community can help, contact support to speak with a tech support agent at (800) 457-7777.

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