Remove built-in HDD password (Satellite Pro L300)

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Remove built-in HDD password (Satellite Pro L300)

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I already posted a topic but it didn't get any working answers, and I can't post in it to bump it any more.


Anyway, I know the password, and I can boot up into Windows, get into BIOS, etc..I just can't remove the password, not change it. There's no BIOS user password set, or a supervisor password set, just an HDD password. I want to remove it and just have the Windows XP passwords. This is really frustrating now. I just upgraded to the latest BIOS version about an hour ago, and still no luck Smiley Sad


Any ideas?


These are the suggestions I tried:




"You should be able to remove the password by first entering the current password, then just hitting <enter> for both of the "new password" entries.


If that's not clearing the password, then something else is amiss. :-("


The thing is, there isn't a thing for current password, new password and confirm new password, there's just one thing that says built-in HDD password within the security bit of the BIOS setup, and no matter what you enter, the changes aren't reflected


Edit: Seems you can't change or remove the HDD password. How ridiculous.

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Re: Remove built-in HDD password (Satellite Pro L300)

Get the Recovery Disc set available and redo to factory specs.  When there is no setting to allow password adjustment then you are not set as administrator in most cases.

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Re: Remove built-in HDD password (Satellite Pro L300)

If you didn't set a hard drive password and the system suddenly starts asking for one, that is one symptom of a drive failure.  As far as I know, there is no way to reset, remove, or otherwise defeat a hard disk password once it is set so under those circumstances, I would treat the drive as failed and shop for a replacement.  If the system is still under warranty, a Premier Authorized Service Provider would be the best option.