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Reformatting Hard Drive without disk

My father just bought me a Toshiba Satellite L305 from a friend at work. It was his friends work computer and contains a lot of his work programs and files that I do not want to manually go through and delete. Can someone please tell me if there is a way I can reformat my hard drive to remove everything to where I can basically start over without having a recovery disk, because like I said, my father got it from a friend, and he didn't give him anything but the laptop and power cord. Please contact me at with a solution to my problem (if there is one) and walk me through the steps to fixing my problem. Thank you.


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Re: Reformatting Hard Drive without disk

You could use a retail copy of Windows and install it. Probably the easier and cheaper solution would be to order a copy of the Recovery DVDs from Toshiba. $24.95 if you're in the Continental US. More if you're in Alaska, Hawaii or outside the US. You can find the Recovery DVD location on this website.

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Re: Reformatting Hard Drive without disk

You should be able to recover the system to the out of the box state from the hd.

You can look up the manual under the product support link at the top of the page

and follow the directions. The manual also has directions on how to create

recovery disks. You might want to make a set before doing anything else.