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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

Well, I'm back to the same problem. The computer froze so I pushed and held the power button to turn it off. Now I'm back to the power button lit up, no hard drive light flashing, and the DVD drive solid yellow light. I've tried leaving it on for hours, but nothing.


I bought a new hard drive, just to verify that is not my problem. It didn't help.


I'm back to the motherboard or chip. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

I have the same exact problem.  Machine's less than 2 years old.  Is Toshiba going to chime in or are we all going to assume Toshiba wants us to go buy a Sony or Acer?  C'mon Toshiba, quit being so Japanese!
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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

As the Forums Terms of Use explain when you register, Toshiba tech support in the U.S. is only available by telephone at 800-457-7777.  That said, many find help from other forum members with all types of issues.  If you're not getting help that probably means that no one has any ideas to suggest for your particular situation.


If you've ruled out software as a possible cause, then you can take a shot at DIY repairs (if you're out of warranty) or contact an Authorized Service Provider.  The gold standard for ruling out software is to back up all valuable data and run a system recovery, restoring the hard disk to the original factory image.




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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

If you connect an external monitor and boot up or press the Fn+F5 keys do you get any display?  When you use the previous hard drive, does the hard drive light flash when you turn on the computer?


 If you power on and press the ESC or F2 keys (dpending on your computer) to get into BIOS do you get a display?


Lastly, try pressing the power button for ten seconds to power it off and make sure you are not in sleep mode.  Remove the battery, and leave it out for the next tests.  Remove the AC adaptor for a few seconds and plug it back in. Hook a external monitor to the laptop.  Then power it on while watching the LEDs.  Does the ON light stay on, does the HDD light flash?  Do you get a display?  What if you use Fn+F5 now?

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