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Ran Decrapifier. What bloatware to delete?

So I ran PC Decrapifier on my brand new lappy (C655D) and I wanted to know which of these toshiba apps could I safely delete. I really don't use any of them so I would just like to know which ones I could delete without causing any harm or damage. Or do I just delete them all? Advise please.


These are the toshiba apps that are shown through my Decrapifier:

Skype Launcher

Toshiba App Place

Toshiba Application Installer

Toshiba Assist

Toshiba Book Place

Toshiba Bulletin Board

Toshiba Disk Creator

Toshiba Face Recognition

Toshiba Hardware Setup

Toshiba HDD/SDD Alert

Toshiba Laptop Checkup

Toshiba Media Controller

Toshiba Quality Application

Toshiba Recovery Media Creator

Toshiba ReelTime

Toshiba Service Station

Toshiba Supervisor Password

Toshiba Value Added Package (There are 2 of these)

Toshiba Web Camera Application


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Re: Ran Decrapifier. What bloatware to delete?

Go HERE and you will find a description of every Toshiba Utility.  You decide whether you need them or not.




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Re: Ran Decrapifier. What bloatware to delete?


Here is my opinion:

Skype Launcher (I know how to setup my own Skype)

Toshiba App Place (I dont buy apps)

Toshiba Application Installer (Keep this)

Toshiba Assist (I am knowledgeable with computers and Google is my bestfriend)

Toshiba Book Place (I dont buy books)

Toshiba Bulletin Board (Annoying)

Toshiba Disk Creator (Windows7 can burn .iso, and my things at home can run files from a flashdrive)

Toshiba Face Recognition (Face instead of password? A burglar may hold my picture to it. What if I grew a pimple?)

Toshiba Hardware Setup ( I keep this this is important)

Toshiba HDD/SDD Alert (I'd get rid of this and keep my files backed up so my drive may crash anytime)

Toshiba Laptop Checkup (Not very accurate in my opinion)

Toshiba Media Controller (Not for me)

Toshiba Quality Application (I dont know what this is for and other manufacturers does not have one)

Toshiba Recovery Media Creator (I'd create a set or two then get rid of this)

Toshiba ReelTime (WMP and VLC is all I need)

Toshiba Service Station (Helpful with drivers but I'd update my BIOS manually myself)

Toshiba Supervisor Password (This is a patch for BIOS passwords, dont put BIOS passwords in your computers)

Toshiba Value Added Package (Keep all)

Toshiba Web Camera Application (You should keep this if your unit has a webcam)

TOSHIBARegistration (I'd call techsupport and get them to register for me, this is another "used once" application)


Without these, 4GB RAM, an "oversized" paging file, disabled startups and services (hiding MS Services) my Windows 7 SP1 64bit flies.


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Re: Ran Decrapifier. What bloatware to delete?

To Likach,


Kudos.  Thanks for the detailed list with suggestions with recomendations on what to trash.  One more question did you simply use the "Control Panel", "Add/Remove" or did you use "DeCrapifier" software? 


If you used DeCrapifier what version, size of file, date of file did you use?


I will google DeCrapifier, but do you have a suggestion where to find it?