Problems Upgrading to Larger hard drive for A105-S4074

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Problems Upgrading to Larger hard drive for A105-S4074

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The 120gig HDD in my A105-S4074 is full. I am running the original OS that the machine came preinstalled with:  Windows XP Media Center with SP3.  I bought a 320gig drive and the APRICORN EZ-UP-UNIVERSAL 2.5" USB 2.0 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit online. The new drive is a "TOSHIBA MK3265GSX 320GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive".

I am not sure what the specs are for the BIOS but it's the original configuration...I have never updated/flashed the BIOS.

The Arconis EZ GIG III Software works perfectly in creating a copy of my old drive on the new bigger drive. When I swap the old for the new, the machine boots and runs exactly the same as it did with the old drive, but it won't "see" the extra 180gig of space until I add a new partition. After the partition is created, the machine STILL runs fine and I am able to move data over as normal. BUT when I REBOOT, the machine no longer loads windows.

In every attempt of configuring the 320gig drive differently (I have done a single partition as both an Extended and a Primary. In another attempt I created 2 partitions, both below 127gig in size, I have run the imaging software at least 4 times as well...) every time I reboot after the partitions are completed, the system will not load Windows. After the BIOS POSTs I get a black screen. I have tried booting to the old drive while it's in the external enclosure and connected via USB cable. Sometimes windows starts to load, but then it flashes quickly to a Blue Screen and goes back to black nothingness. The blue screen flashes too quickly for me to read the error message.


I am pretty much at the end of my ability to troubleshoot. I don't think the issue is with the new drive as it works fine until the extra space is partitioned. I don't think the issue is the Acronis Upgrade software as it does it's job of making a copy of my old drive perfectly as well.

So what I would like to know, but haven't been able to find via searches online is this: What, if any, is the HDD size limitation of Windows XP SP 3?

Thanks in advance for any help or advise you can give me!


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Re: Problems Upgrading to Larger hard drive for A105-S4074


Satellite A105-S4074



Maybe this explains it, Steven.


   Frequently Asked Questions about 48-bit LBA 


See the first item.

If the issue with 28-bit versus 48-bit LBA means hard drives can only be used up to a maximum capacity of 137 GB, why can't I just partition my 48-bit LBA hard drive into multiple partitions each less than 137 GB to get around the problem?

Did you upgrade the BIOS?


   ACPI Flash BIOS version 6.00 for Tecra A7 (Intel) (PTA70U)

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