Portege M400 will not boot

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Portege M400 will not boot

My M400 will not boot.  The green "AC power connected" LED is on but that's all.  There is no response to the "ON OFF" switch. Removing and then reinserting the battery, DVD drive, and hard drive have had no effect.


The green "AC power connected" LED seems to be flashing a 3-2-3 code.


Exams are in next week and all my course work, lab work, and class notes are on the hard drive.  A friend with a Thermaltake SATA drive docking station checked the hard drive, but apparently the security encryption system of the M400 makes the drive unreadable unless it is resident and booted from the M400.


How can I get my M400 going again?  Or, if that's not possible right away, how can I make the M400 hard drive readable as an external drive to my trusty old Satellite P105-S6147?  (Both the Portege and the Satellite are running Vista;  but of course the Satellite is not running in tablet mode, and it does not have the Portege's finger print scanning security lock.)

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Re: Portege M400 will not boot



I have this problem too, and it also started happening about 6 month after I bought it.  Many people do.  I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the hard drive for 2 reasons:


1. The HD light stays off when the pc boots.  It should be flashing green.

2. There is a way to make it start: Before you turn you pc on, press firmly the area just outside the upper left corner of the touchpad, just below the lower left corner of the space bar and right under the key that is between "Alt" and the spacebar, preferably with 2 fingers, or even with a lighter or whatever if the fingers don't work.  It might not work the first time.  You may have to press really hard.  Keep pushing that spot until you get to the "log in" screen, then release slowly.


It's definitely a major pain in the ... This technique works though, but one thing I found is that I cannot use it in a car, or a bus, or walking around because it'll shut down.  So it's basically no longer portable.  Plus you have to keep it on all the time. 


I'm going to take the hard drive out and look at the connections, maybe change the HD altogether, or maybe do something I should have done a long time ago: get a new Mac!


If anybody know how to fix this, please post.  Thanks.