P205D-S7438 rest to Factory condition

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P205D-S7438 rest to Factory condition

Hi Folks, I have a P205D-S7438 Laptop and I decided to reset my laptop back to a factory condition.

However, I first formatted the C: drive thinking I could use the recovery CD of Vista but I get an error when using that option and won't install. I have tried holding down all sorts of keys on boot up but can't find an option that invokes the partition where the factory install sits. Seems to be X:\

I have now thought about finding a full install disk to just install Vista and not worry about all the other Toshiba stuff. I obviously can't do a repair because there isn't anything on my drive. Any ideas?

thanks in advance.


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Re: P205D-S7438 rest to Factory condition

Zero key at power on.  That will launch the recovery utility.


You may not have the hard disk recovery partition.

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Re: P205D-S7438 rest to Factory condition

Yes, before i formatted the hard drive, just the C: drive I tried all the letter and number combos but to no avail. I have also been able to drop to a command prompt and can see under drive X: there sits the original Vista factory install compliment. However, how can it be invoked, if it can be. Or should I order disks from Toshiba? What do you think.

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Re: P205D-S7438 rest to Factory condition


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I would order the recovery discs.


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