Overheating & shut down

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Overheating & shut down

Have a Satellite L455-S5009 laptop about 2.5 years old. Past couple of weeks the computer shuts itself off automatically. I suspect it is overheating as the case above the fan is hotter than the rest (not burning to the touch, but hotter)(also have an external fan/riser attached to the USB like a small chill pad). After reading some posts I am now confused as to what can be causing this. I assumed it had to be the internal fan. Is taking the case apart the only way to clean the internal fan? What else could cause this problem? Thanks a bunch.

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Re: Overheating & shut down

Heat is definitely one of the computer's biggest enemies. Try using compressed air to dislodge any dust from fans and vents. You can also use a vacuum's hose to suck dust from the vents.

- Peter